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Tiling pays for itself! Tiling is one management tool landowners and renters can use to control crop productivity. It is well known and proven agricultural subdrainage increases crop productivity and overall profit. Most farmers see the advantages within one growing season of crop production.


Agricultural land drainage seems expensive. Is my return on investment going to be worth the cost of the actual tiling? What will farm drainage really do for me anyway?


It will provide a fast return on investment due to the following:
  • Increased crop yield and profits
  • Fewer crop restrictions
  • Better water control, soil aeration and higher nitrogen levels
  • Less soil damage as it cuts down on compaction and erosion
  • Promotes stronger root development
  • Save on time, labor and machine repair
  • Drought prevention
  • More uniform yields from year to year
  • Extended growing season and longer harvest season
  • Overall improved crop quality and control

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